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Porchlight Bar

Soul-warming cocktails from Danny Meyer in West Chelsea.

Casablanca Cocktail Lounge

Even if you aren’t hunting for a brownstone castle in Brooklyn, you’d enjoy this Bed-Stuy local.

Le Baron Chinatown

If the transatlantic and bi-coastal party crowds are your people, this is where you want to be in New York.

The Daily

You may not end up dancing on the counters at this slick NoLita bar but a nice alternative to the hotel scene.

Pink Elephant

Claiming to have grown out of the former Jersey Shore, sex-on-the-banquettes, sparklers-in-bottles brouhaha, it’s back.

Experimental Cocktail Club Lower East Side

The Parisian dons of cocktail creativity have finally arrived in New York, setting up shop on the Lower East Side in typical speakeasy style.

Brooklyn Bowl

For a night out on in Brooklyn that doesn’t necessitate hour-long outfit choices and door-bitch anxiety.

Top of The Standard

What used to be the Boom Boom Room is proving popular with the big name celebrities thanks to its 360 degree views and gold standard service – but when mere mortals will be granted access, we don’t know.


Whilst it hasn’t got any direct connections to the famous underwear brand, getting into this club is proving harder than getting into a model’s knickers.

Milk and Honey

With its ‘no name dropping, no star fucking’ rule of engagement, a date destination if you wanna get laid.

Happy Ending

A favorite with LES kids is the former erotic Chinese massage parlor-cum-bar (sorry) Happing Ending.

Hotel Delmano

Just barely hidden away from Hipsterville Ground Zero is the Hotel Delmano, Brooklyn’s first real cocktail bar.

Aspen Social Club

Never been much of a skier, but love drinking back at the lodge? Après-ski Barbies in six-inch heels and ex-college fratboys are waiting for you.

1 Oak

Despite its ‘philosophy’ declaring to tear down barriers, often tough to get into - and that’s a good and a bad thing depending how you look at it

Raines Law Room

In true 19th Century speak-easy spirit, cocktails in a retro-designed residential home with a clandestine garden.

The Gates

Sometimes it’s all about who you know in this town. And everybody knows money.


  • Invasion of the Pines 2017
  • July 4
  • Invasion of the Pines 2017
  • If your idea of paying tribute to the Declaration of Independence involves dancing with half naked men and a boatload of trannies, then head straight to the Pines.

  • The Pines Party 2017
  • July 21 - 23
  • The Pines Party 2017
  • High tops and sandy bottoms. Fire Island’s all-nighter sunset-to-sunrise party takes place on the beach.

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