Scene queens Who's Who - Gay to Z

Q&A: Logan Schmitz

Raised in the American Bible Belt, but not your average choir boy. The man who’s taught Londoners how to say SuperMartXé tells us about his upcoming plans and how to pull a go-go.

Q&A: Jodie Harsh

Jodie Harsh, one of London's most recognisable DJs and drag queens thanks to her massively popular clubnights, tells us about her future plans and thoughts on gay London.

Chris Geary

Buff adult content entrepreneur.

Dickie Beau

Pretty performance artist.

Dusty Limits

Singer, comedian and compere.


Performer and ‘pr-stuntman’.

Jodie Harsh

Big haired clubbing drag star.

Jonny Woo

Talented bingo tranny.


  • Polari
  • June 6
  • Polari
  • Put on a zhooshy drag for some fun with words at this popular London lit night.

  • Brighton Pride 2017
  • August 4 - 6
  • Brighton Pride 2017
  • A chance to let loose in the country’s capital of camp. The UK’s biggest Pride parade and park party.

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