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Gegen Berlin

When Friday May 5, 2017
Time 23-late.
Cost EUR 8
Where Kitkat Club, Köpenickerstrasse 76; 10179 Berlin
by Brückenstrasse and Heinrich-Heine-Strasse
Neighbourhood Mitte, Kreuzberg
S-Bahn/U-Bahn Heinrich-Heine-Strasse [U8]
Website http://www.facebook.com/gegenbln

The German word gegen means both ‘against’ (as in closed to counter cultural movements) and, when used in the context of time, ‘around’ (as in open-ended).

Apparently this dichotomy has given rise to one of Berlin’s biggest queer techno mash-ups which, ponderous social commentary aside, is attracting a gaggle of performers, musicians, artists, DJs and intersexual partiers who crawl out of the sub-cultural woodwork to join in.

Set this time at the Kitkat Club, the event is organised by Italian social anthropologist and queer activist ‘Warbear’ and the VJ and Sabotage project co-founder 'Boxicus', and a bit of a mixed affair centred around the Gegen ‘manifesto’, as it were, which invites participants to face their own fears and pleasures and destroy all rational thought.

Aimed at destroying traditional queer narratives, it features two dance floors (one for regular tanzen, the other for more performance-based shenanigans), site-specific installations and a roving photographer to capture the goings-on (become a Facebook friend to sneak a peak). Despite the over-riding feeling of socio-political preaching, this is a great night if you’re looking for more than an easy lay.


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