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Suicide Sue. Photos: Michael Petersohn

Suicide Sue. Photos: Michael Petersohn

Suicide Sue. Photos: Michael Petersohn

Suicide Sue. Photos: Michael Petersohn

Address Dunckerstrasse 2; 10437 Berlin
between Danziger Strasse and Raumerstrasse
Neighbourhood Prenzlauerberg | See on map
S-Bahn/U-Bahn Eberswalder Strasse [U2], Prenzlauer Alee [S8, S41, S42, S85]
Telephone +49 30 6483 4745
Website http://www.suicidesue.com/
Price EUR 10-15.
Hours Mon-Fri 08-18. Sat 09-20. Sun 10-20.

What does a hit-woman do when she’s tired of separating necks from noggins for a living? She opens a café of course, putting her knife skills to better use on bread and pressing buttons on a coffee machine rather than explosive charges.

That’s the story behind the (fictional) Suicide Sue, where a fearsomely beautiful Asian assassin has supposedly turned her hand to baking biscuits and belegtes Brot (open-faced sandwiches).

A little off the beaten track in Prenzlauerberg, the space is incredibly well decorated by (real) proprietors Franziska and Frank. Sink into the big beaten up leather armchairs under the antler horns, with a java on the wooden crate side table. Alternatively, hop onto a stool next to the wood-burning stove, or head outside for some fresh air at one of the chunky wooden terrace tables.

The crowd is a little edgy and alternative for this otherwise strait-laced neighbourhood, with groups of students getting their caffeine kicks and unhurried patrons enjoying a lunchtime soup or mid-afternoon slice of cake.

Breakfast is a particular favourite, with in-the-know locals going for the Sue2 for EUR 8.50: portions of Oschenbrot with five toppings you can choose yourself, including brie, tomato & olive and tofu & tuna. Dig in.


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