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Matinee Pervert Club Barcelona

Address The One (former Discotheque) @ Poble Espanyol, Avinguda Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia 13; 08038 Barcelona
enter Poble Espanyol and follow street at your first left to the end
Neighbourhood Montjuïc | See on map
Metro Espanya [L1, L3]
Website https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pervert-Club/222640184557547
Price EUR 12 with drink on list or with flyer until 02. EUR 18 after.
Hours Saturdays 24-06 (night between Sat and Sun)

Coming from the Matinée Group, it shouldn’t be necessary to say a whole lot about Pervert Club that is now held in Poble Espanyol. More of a cliché than a gay hotspot, this Saturday night party nonetheless attracts a sizeable number of topless muscle boys keen to show off the result of the latest cycle.

If you’re into boys who juice, high as kites, and dancing to the formulaic Matinée tunes, drop in. It’s busy and the toilets – or should we say ‘powder rooms’? – busier. (If you only need to pee, by-pass the queue for the stalls and go straight to the urinals.) For something more diverse, hit up old-timer Metro.


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