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Purobeach Barcelona

Address Hilton Diagonal Mar, Passeig del Taulat 262; 08005 Barcelona
across from Diagonal Mar shopping center
Neighbourhood Diagonal Mar | See on map
Metro El Maresme-Forum [L4, T4]
Telephone +34 93 507 0092
Website http://www.purobeach.com/
Price Free entry. Min spend EUR 500 for Balinese beds (max four pax), EUR 140 (oasis) to EUR 180 (pool) for sunbeds (max two pax)
Hours Mon-Sun 10-sunset May-Oct (until 23 June-mid Sep)

A day by the pool, lounging on a sunbed, surrounded by hot, beautiful people, food and drinks at your whim and fancy, soundtrack provided by a DJ. Sounds ideal, right? And it’s the experience that Purobeach promises at their clubs around the world and here in Barcelona on the pool deck of the Hilton Diagonal Mar hotel.

The reality, of course, is somewhat different. Entry is free but the privilege of planting your behind on a sunbed (and actual use of the pool) requires a minimum spend of around 100 euros per head, the exact amount determined by the proximity to the water. It’s wallet size as opposed to waist size that rules here, with everything that entails – and that often includes children.

For a day by the pool, Purobeach Barcelona can be perfectly nice if money is no object. Service is generally attentive and the pool deck is lovely. Just don’t expect Ibiza-style hedonistic glam. Note that there’s no minimum spend if you stick to the bar and restaurant area only, so you might want to skip the lounger and keep it to a sunset drink.


  • F1 Spanish Grand Prix 2017
  • May 12 - 14
  • F1 Spanish Grand Prix 2017
  • For boys who like the smell of burnt rubber and motor oil, it doesn’t get any better than the F1 Spanish Grand Prix.

  • Sònar Festival 2017
  • June 15 - 18
  • Sònar Festival 2017
  • Hipsters and electronica – Barcelona’s three-day advanced music and multimedia art festival in June. And OFF Sònar parties.

  • Sitges Film Festival 2017
  • October 5 - 15
  • Sitges Film Festival 2017
  • This small but well-respected festival based in Sitges runs with an emphasis on sci-fi and the mysterious, ensuring that the German leather crowd won’t be the only trolls in town.

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