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El Mama y La Papa Barcelona

El Mama y La Papa Barcelona

El Mama y La Papa Barcelona

El Mama y La Papa Barcelona

Address Passatge Pere Calders 2; 08015 Barcelona
off Parlament
Neighbourhood Sant Antoni | See on map
Metro Poble Sec [L3]
Telephone +34 93 441 7662
Website http://elmama.barcelona
Price EUR 30-50
Hours Mon-Fri 17-03. Sat 12-03. Sun 12-01.

No, you didn’t get your Spanish articles wrong. El Mama y La Papa is breaking the norms of grammatical gender, along with a number of conventions that have nothing to do with language. You see, this isn’t just a restaurant, it’s also a performance space and, contrary to custom, it actually manages to be both without sucking at either.

The place has live dinner entertainment Tuesday through Saturday, with staff breaking out in song, dance and acrobatic acts every so often. And when they aren’t performing, they might stop by your table to pull off a stunt (“we’re out of wine, would you like some broth instead?”), crack a half-arsed joke or just make their presence known.

Food-wise, choose from an eclectic menu that spans everything from tapas and local catch from the raw bar to more exotic fare like ceviche and bao buns. All finger-licking good. Servings are on the small side – larger than tapas but not quite meal-sized – so you can sample without appearing too gluttonous, even if you aren’t planning on sharing with your dinner companions.

It’s fun, surprisingly well executed and not too expensive, either. While it might be a bit too hectic and with too many distractions for a romantic date or serious conversation, it’s the perfect spot for a night out with friends or acquaintances with whom the conversation usually needs a little help.


  • Sònar Festival 2017
  • June 15 - 18
  • Sònar Festival 2017
  • Hipsters and electronica – Barcelona’s three-day advanced music and multimedia art festival in June. And OFF Sònar parties.

  • Sitges Film Festival 2017
  • October 5 - 15
  • Sitges Film Festival 2017
  • This small but well-respected festival based in Sitges runs with an emphasis on sci-fi and the mysterious, ensuring that the German leather crowd won’t be the only trolls in town.

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